New opportunities for skilled migrants to move to Australia.

State Governments are now sponsoring a broad range of skilled migrants to their states.

New points test for skilled visa applications.

The Federal Government has released the new points test for skilled visa applications lodged after July 2011.

Medical Professionals

There is currently a shortage of doctors and nurses in Australia, particularly in regional areas.

General practitioners or specialists can apply for a visa to work in Australia if they have obtained their primary medical qualification in a country other than Australia or gained their medical qualifications in Australia and are not an Australian permanent resident.

Nurses are currently also in high demand in Australia with opportunities for permanent and temporary work available.


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Skilled Trades & Occupations

Australia is currently experiencing a critical shortage of qualified, skilled tradespeople to assist in growing our economy and essential industries, such as Mining and Construction.

There are many and varied opportunities across all Australian states covering many trades and occupations, with options for temporary or contract, and permanent positions.


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Finding a job in Australia

Australia welcomes new migrants with valuable skills and qualifications, however searching for employment will be a challenge. It is important to be realistic and understand that you may not be able to find your ‘dream job’ straight away.

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What are the Australian visa classes

There are many Australian visa classes available, some are more commonly used than others, we have highlighted the most common visa applications to help get you started.


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