New opportunities for skilled migrants to move to Australia.

State Governments are now sponsoring a broad range of skilled migrants to their states.

New points test for skilled visa applications.

The Federal Government has released the new points test for skilled visa applications lodged after July 2011.

The Human Side To Migration

Lodging a visa application to become a permanent resident of Australia is a very big decision indeed, we at Ozgo think the decision to move to this great country of Australia is probably the biggest decision you will make in your life, for yourself, and for your family.

Where do I start

Your first steps in migrating to Australia is to find out if you are eligible to settle Australia. This can be completed by making contact with your nearest Australia High Commission, the immigration staff here are able to help and provide relevant information regarding the application process.

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What are the Australian visa classes

There are many Australian visa classes available, some are more commonly used than others, we have highlighted the most common visa applications to help get you started.


What else will I need to make my application?

As part of the migration process, there are several additional requirements that must be met during the immigration process. These requirements generally fall under four other catagories - adaquate travel documentation, health requirements, character and penal clearance and an Australian Values statement.

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