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Get Me To Australia...Frequently Asked Questions that relate to visa and visa requirements for the (457) Temporary and Permanent Employer Sponsored category.

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Do I need to arrange my own private health insurance before I can get my 457 visa?


Since September 2009, it is a visa requirement that you arrange appropriate private health insurance for yourself and any accompanying family members to obtain your 457 temporary sponsored business visa.

There are a number of providers offering products that you may choose from which meet the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s minimum level of coverage requirements.

The following document may assist you with details on the minimum level of health insurance. ( http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/hi-template.rtf )

You are required to maintain your private health insurance for yourself, and any accompany family members for the duration of your stay in Australia on the 457 visa.


Do I need to sit the IELTS English test?

If an applicant holds a passport from an English speaking country (i.e. UK, Ireland, Canada, USA or New Zealand) they will not be required to sit the IELTS English test to be considered as meeting ‘competent’ English.

If you are not from an English speaking country then you will probably be required to complete an IELTS English test, however please contact Ozgo to confirm your English language requirements as they vary from visa to visa.


What can happen if I don’t maintain my private health insurance while I hold my 457 visa?

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship could cancel your 457 visa, and you could jeopardise your future visa applications to remain in Australia, if you let your private health insurance lapse while you hold your 457 visa.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship may request evidence of your health coverage in your further visa applications.


Do I need to sit an English test for my 457 visa?

Yes unless you hold a passport from the UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada, USA or New Zealand. Or your job offer is over $86,000.00 gross.

Please contact Ozgo Migration and they will confirm whether you require to sit an English test or not.


What score will I require in my English test for my 457 visa?

You will be required to show an IELTS test with a score of 5 or more for each discipline of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


My nominated occupation is a trade occupation, do I need a skills test for the 457 visa class?


Form the 1st July 2009, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is asking some applicants to provide a skill assessment to confirm their ability.

Currently applicants from Brazil, China, Fiji, India, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam or Zimbabwe who nominate one of the following occupations will be required to undertake a skills assessment.

• Automotive Electrician [321111]
• Baker [351111]
• Cabinetmaker [394111]
• Carpenter [331212]
• Carpenter and Joiner [331211]
• Chef [351311]
• Cook [351411]
• Diesel Motor Mechanic [321212]
• Driller [712211]
• Electrician (General) [341111]
• Electrician (Special Class) [341112]
• Fitter (General) [323211]
• Fitter and Turner [323212]
• Fitter-Welder [323213]
• Joiner [331213]
• Metal Fabricator [322311]
• Metal Machinist (First Class) [323214]
• Metal Machinists & Fabricators (not elsewhere classified) [323299]
• Motorcycle Mechanic [321213]
• Motor Mechanic (General) [321211]
• Panel Beater [324111]
• Pastrycooks [351112]
• Pressure Welder [322312]
• Sheetmetal Trades Worker [322211]
• Small Engine Mechanic [321214]
• Toolmaker [323412]
• Vehicle Body Builder [324211]
• Vehicle Painter [324311]
• Welder (First Class) [322313]


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