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These questions cover a number of different topics, ranging from questions about Ozgo Migration, our processes and general Visa information that either covers many Visa Categories or just the Migration process.

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If I arrive in Australia on a holiday to validate my migration visa and move there at a later date, does the 2 year waiting period for social security begin at first entry or when I finally become an actual resident?

The 2 year period must be spent actually resident in Australia. It maybe possible to aggregate shorter periods of residence to arrive at the 2 years.


Are there any restrictions on taking money into or out of Australia?

Australia no longer operates Exchange Control, and Australian residents are free to move money into and out of Australia, and save and invest overseas as they wish.

However, amounts of more than AUD$10,000 in cash (but not bank drafts, or travellers cheques) must be reported to Australian customs when carried into or out of Australia.


Australian tax on the income?

Once you are resident in Australia, you will be generally liable for Australian tax on your worldwide income, whether you bring it into Australia or leave it overseas.

In particular, make sure you comply with Australia's Foreign Investment Fund taxation regulations, if you have any investments (including pension funds and insurance policies) located outside Australia.

Australia has agreements with many countries to avoid double taxation of people in this position, but these are not necessarily comprehensive.

It would be in your best interests to seek professional tax advice, so you are fully informed regarding your specific circumstance.


Does an Australian Permanent Resident living overseas have to file an Australian tax return?

Permanent residence in Australia for migration purposes and residence in Australia for tax purposes are entirely separate.

It is possible to hold Australian Permanent Residence and not be an Australian tax resident, and it's also common for temporary residents to be liable for Australian tax. Only an Australian resident for tax purposes, or someone who has income sourced in Australia, may have to file for Australian tax.


Can I join an Australian police force or work in the public sector if I am an Australian Permanent Resident?

Some public sector jobs across Australia, including in the police forces, are open to both citizens and Permanent Residents.

The majority of State/Territory government jobs are open to permanent residents unless special circumstances apply.

The Commonwealth (federal) government normally requires Australian citizenship, however if you are a permanent resident eligible for citizenship you can sometimes be engaged on a probationary basis.


How does Medicare work for migrants?

As soon as you arrive as a permanent resident, you should visit a Medicare office with proof of your resident status.

You will be able to register for Medicare straight away (in fact you can do this even if you're on a holiday validating your visa), and you will get a temporary Medicare card. Once you've done this, if you need to see a doctor, just go to any medical centre (many of which open all day, 7 days a week) and wait your turn.

Many medical centres' will 'bulk-bill,' in other words they bill Medicare directly and you don't pay at all (provided you have your Medicare card with you). If the medical centre doesn't bulk-bill you need to pay (AUD$35 is typical) for a consultation. You can claim about 70% of the account back in either cash or electronic funds transfer to your bank account if you bring the receipt and your Medicare card to a Medicare office.

If you need an X-ray or other tests you can get these at pathology centres which are located in almost every suburb. You normally need to be referred by a doctor. Again most of these places will bulk-bill Medicare directly, or you can claim most of the cost back.

If you attend a public hospital in Australia, the hospital will bulk bill medicare.

You should get used to carrying your Medicare card with you at all times in Australia.

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