New Zealand Citizen FAQ's

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Get Me To Australia...Frequently Asked Questions that relate to New Zealand Citizens living in Australia.

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What is meant by an 'eligible New Zealand citizen'?

For visa purposes, an 'eligible New Zealand citizen' is a person who resided in Australia prior to 26th February 2001 holding a Special Category Visa (444); or lived in Australia for at least one year in the two years preceding 26th February 2001; or has a certificate, issued under the Social Security Act in 1991, that states that the New Zealand citizen was residing in Australia on a particular date.


If I hold a New Zealand passport and arrived in Australia after 26.2.2001 can I sponsor a family members into Australia?

Only under the visa category of Sponsored New Zealand Family Member, which is a temporary 5 year visa that can be renewed.


If I am a New Zealand Citizen and arrived after 26.2.2001, can I apply to become and Australian Citizen?

No, you have first become an Australian Permanent resident before you can apply for Citizenship.


How do I become a permanent resident of Australia?

You have to apply for a permanent resident visa from one of the available categories.

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