Parent & Family Visa FAQ's

Get Me To Australia...Frequently Asked Questions that relate to visa and visa requirements for the Parent and Family based categories.

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I have not been in contact with one of my parents for over 30 years. Can I still apply for a last remaining relative visa?

You can apply and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship will accept your application fee, however you will not meet the requirements for this visa.

If you can’t provide a death certificate or evidence that this parent is residing in Australia, your application will be refused.


Do I have to include mine and/or my partner’s children from a previous relationship in my parent visa?

Yes, all yours and your partner’s children count in the balance of family test for your parent visa.


Do all mine and my partner’s children have to live in Australia for us to qualify for a parent visa?

No, you only have to have equal to or more children living in Australia, either as permanent residents or Australian citizens to meet the requirements for your parent visa. Example you have 3 children, 2 live in Australia as permanent residents and one lives in France. You would meet the balance of family test.

Please contact Ozgo Migration if you are unsure if you meet the requirements.


If I have close family members living in Australia can they sponsor my application?

Yes possibly, family members can support close relatives for a number of visa categories including; skilled, parent & last remaining relative, if they meet the required criteria.

Please contact Ozgo to discuss this topic further.


What happens to my pension when I move to Australia?

Potentially a very difficult question.

Australian pension (superannuation) law is complex and constantly changing. It would be highly advisable for you to receive professional advice on this matter.


Can I work in Australia on a parent visa?

Yes, you will have full work rights.

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