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Get Me To Australia...Frequently Asked Questions that relate to visa and visa requirements for the Skilled Migration category.

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What is the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)?

The SOL is the list the occupations selected for the skilled visa categories. An applicant must have qualifications and work experience in one of these occupations to be eligible to apply for a skilled visa.


If I have close family members living in Australia can they sponsor my application?

Yes possibly, family members can support close relatives for a number of visa categories including; skilled, parent & last remaining relative, if they meet the required criteria.

Please contact Ozgo to discuss this topic further.


Can I apply for a graduate skilled visa if I am overseas?

No, you have to have studied in Australia and be in Australia to lodge an application for this visa.


If I arrive in Australia on a holiday to validate my migration visa and move there at a later date, does the 2 year waiting period for social security begin at first entry or when I finally become an actual resident?

The 2 year period must be spent actually resident in Australia. It maybe possible to aggregate shorter periods of residence to arrive at the 2 years.


Can I join an Australian police force or work in the public sector if I am an Australian Permanent Resident?

Some public sector jobs across Australia, including in the police forces, are open to both citizens and Permanent Residents.

The majority of State/Territory government jobs are open to permanent residents unless special circumstances apply.

The Commonwealth (federal) government normally requires Australian citizenship, however if you are a permanent resident eligible for citizenship you can sometimes be engaged on a probationary basis.


If my occupation isn’t on the SOL, can I lodge a skilled visa application?

No, not unless a state/territory Government will sponsor you under their State Migration Program (SMP), or you held a student visa on 8th February 2010, or you held a graduate visa on 8th February 2010.

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