Spouse & Partner Visa FAQ's

Get Me To Australia...Frequently Asked Questions that relate to visa and visa requirements for the Spouse and Partner based categories.

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Can my partner apply for a prospective marriage visa in Australia?

No, you must be outside of Australia to lodge a Prospective Marriage visa.


My partner doesn’t speak English very well, can we still lodge a partner visa?

There is no English test requirement for any of the partner categories, however you have to prove that you have a good understanding of each other and have a strong relationship.


Can my partner work in Australia on a partner visa?

Yes, partner visa's allow the holder to work in Australia.


My partner wants to come to Australia before we lodge a partner visa, can they apply for a tourist visa?

Yes, they can apply, however there is no guarantee their application will be approved.


I have lived with my partner for 10 months, can we apply for a partner (defacto) visa?

To be granted a defacto partner visa you need to have lived with your partner for a minimum of 12 months.

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