New points test for skilled visa applications.

The Federal Government has released the new points test for skilled visa applications lodged after July 2011.

Please note the new proposed points test has not been passed by Government as yet, so there could be changes made to the released document before July 2011.

The new pass mark is expected to be 65 points as opposed to the current 120 or 100 for sponsored applicants.

Applicants aged up to 50 are expected to be able to apply for a skilled visa after July 2011.

The new points test is awarding skilled migrants who have tertiary qualifications or completed an apprenticeship and have been working in their chosen occupation.

Full details of the points will be made available in the coming months.

If you lodge a skilled visa application before July 2011, you will be assessed under the current points test.

Annette Culley

Annette Culley

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