The Education System

Written by  Max Culley

The education system in Australia is open to all people. It offers an opportunity for all age groups and levels of ability. You can get into any level of education if you have the entry requirements.

If at first you do not reach the entry standard, then you can do other study to get to the standard. Help is available for all people who suffer disadvantage.

Compulsory Schooling

School is compulsory for all children aged between five and fifteen years. These ages may vary slightly in some states. The government provides public schools. Churches and other groups provide private schooling.

Public schooling is free and users pay fees for private schooling. Note: Students holding temporary visas may be required to pay full school fees. Check with individual schools for details.


Higher Education

The positions in higher education have entry levels that students must achieve to get them. The people most likely to succeed get the positions first. Some students start when they finish school. Other students start study later as an adult.


Employment Training

Many employers provide training that helps their employees to do their job. You may do a study course for interest only. People living in Australia are encouraged to join in and gain more education throughout their life.

Max Culley

Max Culley

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