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Written by  Max Culley

Lodging a visa application to become a permanent resident of Australia is a very big decision indeed, we at Ozgo think the decision to move to this great country of Australia is probably the biggest decision you will make in your life, for yourself, and for your family.

Ozgo Migration | Registered Australian Migration AgentsOur job at Ozgo Migration is to ease the uncertainty and take much of the stress out of your visa application process and to support you in obtaining your visa's. However, at differing times through the application process you will observe many different emotions, including apprehension, confusion, frustration and quite possibly anger and impatience.



The following article offers some insight in to some of the emotions that may be experienced through the migration and visa process;

am I, or are we, doing the right thing by moving to another country?

This is perfectly normal, you are taking a big step in your life and many things are going to change and be very different for everyone involved. With careful planning and some research you will reduce the unknowns and the excitement and anticipation of the good things to come will take over.


I don't understand enough about what I am doing and so much information is needed...

Prior to, and during your application process there is a lot of information required to complete all the necessary steps in the process. Ozgo is more than happy to discuss these needs with you at any time and are well versed with what's needed and what isn't needed to successfully lodge a large variety of visas.


all this paperwork... Is it really needed? The medicals, Police Checks, Family histories...

Again, Ozgo will help you through the complex process, we try very hard to make this part of the application as simple and orderly as possible, giving you all the assistance you need to understand what to do and where to get things. At Ozgo, we ensure that all the angles are covered.


how long is this going to take? Why won't you you give me a firm answer? What do you mean they refused my visa or want "even" more information?

Over the years, Ozgo have received a few calls from some clients that have become so frustrated and annoyed at the process that they take it out on our staff. We have broad shoulders and do understand that this is a very stressful period for you and your family, all we can do is assure you that we are doing everything within our power to ensure a successful outcome, unfortunately once your application is in the hands of the Department we cannot tell you exactly when the processing will be completed.


What's going on? This is taking forever... and I haven't heard anything from anyone...

Once your visa application is lodged with DIAC or it's Foreign Embassy or High Commission, it is entirely up to the individual office and it's staff's workload as to quite how long processing will take, Ozgo have no control over this part of the process. DIAC is a processing office, unfortunately it does not provide accurate information regarding their processing times or visa application finalisation, whether in Australia or oversea's.


Rest assured, as soon as we hear from your case officer regarding your visa application, we will contact you, as soon as is practically possible, to let you know your decision notification or status, whether by telephone or email.

Have confidence in the fact that if Ozgo lodged your completed application, then we are confident that you meet the current legislation, and we will support your application until the Department have finalised your application.


We got it....!

Congratulations, one of the biggest, most enthralling and important stages of your life is about to begin. Over the years, we have had so much pleasure in being able to pass on the good news to our many clients like yourself and your family, for us it makes all the effort worth while.


So, as you can see, there are times that the Visa Application and Migration process can be a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions. Here at Ozgo, we see part of our job as being there to try and smooth out the bumps and reduce the frustration for you, but obviously there might be times where this just isn't always possible. At these times, Ozgo will be there with you, working hard to keep it to a minimum...


Max Culley

Max Culley

Classically trained as a Mechanical Engineer, Max owned and successfully operated a number of precision engineering businesses before joining Ozgo in the capacity of Business Development Manager. Max is tasked with extending Ozgo #039;s customer services and ensuring the smooth running of the business and processes, including continuing to improve client satisfaction.

Business Development Manager
Ozgo Service: 11 Years

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