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Written by  Annette Culley

Under Australian immigration law, only a registered Australian Migration Consultant, Agent or Lawyer can give immigration advice to help you prepare and submit a visa application. Migration Agents operating in Australia must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the OMARA).

All Agents and Lawyers registered with the OMARA are issued a MARA Registration Number and must display this 7 digit registration number, of which the first 2 digits indicate the year they were registered with OMARA. i.e. 9791271, this agent was originally registered in 1997.

OMARA registered Agents and Lawyers must adhere to a strict code (OMARA Code of Conduct & MIA Code of Ethics) and operate within this legislation. They must undertake professional training that ensures that they are highly trained, maintain good businesses practices and keep their knowledge of immigration law up-to-date.

If you have chosen to use a Migration Agent to oversee your migration application to Australia, you should always choose an Agent who is registered with the OMARA, you can look for the agents OMARA registration number on the OMARA website or on the agents website or communications.

Please note: Agents operating outside Australia do not have to be registered with OMARA and are not answerable to this authority. For your safety, it is recommended that you do not use an unregistered Agent to complete your immigration documentation or application.



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Annette Culley

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